Goals for 2018 and Whats in store for Roam Around Tours

As 2018 starts roaming along, it will be a very exciting year as Roam Around Tours gets going.  I have a lot to do to build a strong foundation and offer you a great travel experience.   I will be heading over to the UK for two weeks in May to investigate sites and hotels for two upcoming trips to be offered in 2019: Storming the Castles of Southeast England and A Bonnie Scottish Adventure.  These trips will be planned for late may/early June 2019 so look out for all of the details this summer so you can make your plans.  I will also be there for the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meagan Markel so watch for live reports on May 19, 2018!

The website for Roam Around Tours is up and running.  Go have a look: roamaroundtours.com.

I may also be planning a short getaway this fall so keep your eyes open for a fall adventure. 

This is all very exiting and it will only get better.  Roam Around Tours will be a company to watch in 2018!

Thanks, and Happy Roaming

"Roaming" Rich Fletcher

Richard Fletcher