Spring-A Time for Growth and New Beginnings

As the days get warmer and the grass starts to green up, I feel a new sense of purpose and renewed energy.  My prospects for 2019 have not turned out as planned, but changing course and new ideas have emerged.  I have the privilege to look for the future and what I want to make of it.  2019 will be a year of planning, growing and adventure.  I have a year of travel planned to places both familiar and new.  New experiences help us all grow as we go into the unknown and come out with new insights and changes to our soul.   

2019 brings a new perspective on travel in my own backyard, Janesville is undergoing many positive changes both physically and in community outlook.  I am glad that I am in a position to use my skills to help others experience Janesville and appreciate what a special place we live in.  

I will be encouraging my own growth by attending a travel blogging and media conference in Boston in June.  This will be a great opportunity to be surrounded by other like minded people and grow my skill set to be a better tour guide and organizer.   

I plan on growing my profile and will be creating opportunities to get myself out in the community both in person and via video and other media.   

I also look forward to seeing and meeting new people on my Janesville Walking Tours this summer!

Growth is a good thing, so many of us are planted in place and not thriving.  Let make 2019 a year of growth so that we can all thrive where we are planted!  


Spring at Castle Fraser, Scotland

Spring at Castle Fraser, Scotland

Richard Fletcher